Enrichment Program

Hallelujah, Praise our Lord, we have successfully launched the student ministry of Mentorship Program and Elective Program (Clinical Attachment in Mission Hospitals) in 2018. With His helping Hand we successfully connected with our co-partners to work on another medical student project _ Enrichment Program in 2021, and this project also bears the witness of our love and care of the young generation.


Enrichment Program is a tailor made program for MBBS III students (juniors), and its purpose is to facilitate the enhancement of students' total learning experience~ how to be a good teammate and serve the needy people in a cross cultural environment in developing countries.


There are 2 projects provided in 2021/2022:

1) Community Wellness Enhancement Project (Lao)
~ duration (semester 1)

~ mid Sept~mid Dec, 2021
~intake of students: 2~3


2) Pleroma Well Being Enhancement Project (Cambodia)
~ duration (semester 2)
~ Jan, Feb, till mid Mar, 2022
~ intake of students: min 2 female students only.


For details, please review the attached ppt.

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We wish to walk with our young generation to see and go further.