Graduation Thanksgiving & Blessing

We are touched to organize the graduation gathering in His love every year, and the purpose of organizing this gathering is 


  1. To offer all our gratitude and glory to our beloved Heavenly Father, and thank God for choosing us as a Christian Doctor with His Mission. 

  2. With the praying, care and support from the senior brothers and sisters in our Lord, the fresh graduates can carry their blessings and love to serve Him as salt and light at the workplace. 


 3. With the blessings and encouragement from the pastor, all fresh graduates are aspired to be His witness and it is a new workforce for evangelism at the workplace. 

Target for Christians fresh graduates.


we wish that the fresh graduates can get it helpful and useful in the coming work and life for what they learn in the gathering. May God bless the graduates to keep their pure and simple heart to Him, stick on His truth and live out His mission in the workplace.

group photo


Praise our Lord to provide 2023 graduation thanksgiving & blessing gathering on 6.6. We express our sincere gratitude to Rev. Andrew Choi, the young and senior doctors who shared their wise words and reminders with the graduates, their insights and experiences were truly valuable and inspiring, and the gathering was filled with heartfelt blessings and encouragement for our graduates. We also had a chance of hearing the thanksgiving from the graduates, who shared their heartfelt thanks to the Lord for guiding them through their academic journey, the love from their family, friends, classmates and church for supporting them to go through their hard study and struggle. We were all...



Praise our Lord, we have held 2022 Graduation Thanksgiving and Blessing at Christian Central Church (Jordan) on 2.6, and thanks for coming the senior and young doctors as well as Pastor Choi Chung Ho, their presence is fully expressed their support and care to the graduates, and their spiritual and practical sharing in life and at work is so helpful to the graduates before acting as a houseman. We truely thank our Lord giving us an opportunity to prepare the graduation gathering, and this is a blessing to CMDF and 56 graduates, and may God bless us to keep a pure heart living out His mission in the workplace. Here attached the recap photos and more photos can be seen in CMDF...

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in His love 2021

We are touched to organize the graduation gathering in His love 2021, the purpose of organizing is to give blessings to the graduates, and we have invited senior and young doctors to share how to well prepared as a good Houseman in the eyes of God as well as in the eyes of the boss, we also invited pastor Andrew Choi to give encouragement and prayer to the graduates, and we believe that all graduates are inspired by the sharing of practical and spiritual experience and reminders of the doctors and pastor, and wish all graduates enjoy the program and find it helpful and useful in the coming work and life. once again, thanks Abba Father has prepared everything for us, including the...