Student Gathering

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2023 Mentorship Program (1st Mentors & Mentees' Gathering)

The 1st Mentors and Mentees' Gathering for program 2023 is held on 12.12.2022, it is a very good opportunity for us to introduce the program details and mentors to the mentees on that day, and it is a very good sharing among us. Praise the Lord.

POSTER- Student Gathering 2022

2022 Equip for Higher Calling in your Golden Times

It was a warm and wonderful fellowship and thanks for 40 doctors and students came to the medical student gathering 2022 on 24.10 Thanks Professor Vincent Mok for his teaching and reminder, the medical students are inspired to learn and develop the 5 “Ships” (i.e. Spiritual Scholarship) in their golden times so that they can truly experience how to walk with the Lord and work with the Lord in life. We also thank Rev Andrew Choi for this teaching of the bible, which made us fully understand who equipped us with strength and made our way blameless is God. Meanwhile, Rev Choi also point out the mentorship in medicine is the key to lead the succession (...

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2019 The Life Perspective of an Academic Doctor

In His grace we start worship and prayer to kick off the gathering, we pray for His mercy and love to heal the injured HK People and our land, we pray for His faithfulness & kindness to give us brave to love each other as well as to forgive each other, to reconcile our relationship with each other because Our Lord is a Healing God full of His abundant Love. We thanks for 100 bro and sis attending the gathering, as well as we are thankful to Professor Kwok Yung YUEN for his genuine sharing on his life stories, religion and career journey ....Professor Yuen also shared his insight on today's society crisis, it was a warm and direct dialogue with the audiences on that wonderf...


1st Mentor-Mentee Night (2019)

The 1st Mentor-Mentee Night was held on last Wednesday 27.2.2019 and we had a warm fellowship in God and there were total 66 Mentors & Mentees joining our gathering on that evening. Mentors shared their ways on mentoring the young generations and their survival tips in the work place, and Mentees also expressed their thanks to our mentors and shared what they have learnt from our big brothers and sisters. It was a wonderful night and let us recap the sweet memories from the photos.

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2018 How To Lose A Generation Of Healthcare Workers ?

A specific CMDF Medical Student Gathering is prepared for ALL of You. We are honor to invite Professor Joseph Sung as Speaker to share the topic “How To Lose A Generation Of Healthcare Workers ? “The purpose of the gathering is to help you to understand and how to cope with and overcome the challenging environment in medical profession. The Date of the gathering is held on 4.9.2018 (Tue) from 6:30 to 9:30pm, (6:30-7:15pm for Registration & Dinner) at the Chapel, 9F Block D, Hong Kong Baptist Hospital, 330 Junction road, Kowloon. Enquiry of Contact Person: Peggie at 6701 3555 or 2369 8511 or REGISTRATION is required at Viewform Deadline for...