2018 How To Lose A Generation Of Healthcare Workers ?

A specific CMDF Medical Student Gathering is prepared for ALL of You. We are honor to invite Professor Joseph Sung as Speaker to share the topic “How To Lose A Generation Of Healthcare Workers ? “The purpose of the gathering is to help you to understand and how to cope with and overcome the challenging environment in medical profession.


The Date of the gathering is held on 4.9.2018 (Tue) from 6:30 to 9:30pm, (6:30-7:15pm for Registration & Dinner) at the Chapel, 9F Block D, Hong Kong Baptist Hospital, 330 Junction road, Kowloon.


Enquiry of Contact Person: Peggie at 6701 3555 or 2369 8511 or


REGISTRATION is required at



Deadline for registration is on or before 28.8  

 ALL Healthcare Workers Are Welcome




This is a wonderful night and over 120 medical workers and students gathered at the Chapel of CMDF Medical Student Gathering on 4 Sept, 2018.  We assure it is inspiring and touching to everyone by the sharing of Professor Sung and help us to reflect what is the meaning of “Medicine” nowadays ?


As Professor said “ Let us NOT forget our dream and our pledge… NOT to give up so easily “




Self Photos / Files - STUDENT GATHERING POSTER 2018