2021 AGM

Thanks for our Heavenly Father giving us a nice place, food and time, and our brothers and sisters coming to the gathering, and this is a precious fellowship to all of us in AGM. in addition to the Chairman (Professor Yam) reported the full year activities and the Treasurer (Dr. Chen Yi Tin) reported the financial status, and we are grateful our shepherd Rev Paul Ng (吳振智牧師) shared the important message (Against vs Gone with the tide) on that night, and we understand and follow His will in this critical moment. Here attached the recap photos for reference. Take care and have a blessed and wonderful new year ahead. God bless ~~~~~~~~~...

Group photo (on-site)

2020 AGM

Thanks our Heavenly Father for a special AGM which is held on a hybrid mode on 24/11, and thank you so much over 40 bro and sis coming to the gathering online (zoom) or physically on site, in particular, we thank for His servant Rev Kwok, Man Chee to give us spiritual teaching on that night. Let us keep praying and fix our eyes on His promise and words of our Lord for the challenging year ahead. We wish to have more times in fellowship with our bro and sis in the coming year. Take care all of you. 聖經告訴我們: 你們可以從無花果樹學個比方,當樹枝發嫩長葉的時候,你們就知道夏天近了。這樣,你們看見這一切的事,也該...


2019 EGM/AGM

今年 CMDF EGM/AGM 可說《全是恩典》下進行及完成。由商議題目到邀請講員,及至前2周社會動亂急劇惡化,很多活動因著局勢緊張及周遭環境失控下被迫延期甚至取消!CMDF 就在這環境下守候,因著神的恩慈和憐憫,衝突終於隨著選舉稍為靜止! CMDF 可如期 27.11舉行週年大會,我們可以再次出來自由活動,為這一切可以的,對這位眷顧我們的神,獻上最大的感恩和頌讚. CMDF 收到很多弟兄姊妹查詢有關李思敬博士在 27/11 AGM 聚會分享《出路》信息, CMDF 得到李思敬博士同意,公開李博士親自撰寫信息總結,盼望大家明白神...


2018 AGM

Praise our Lord, and thanks for His grace for us to hold 43th AGM on 14/11, indeed AGM is the Family Gathering for ALL of us once a year. Over 90 bro and sis ( 55 drs and 39 students) come to the party on that wonderful night, In His abundant of supply, we enjoy delicious catering, and small groups for chatting and laughter can be found and heard at every corner of the venue. CMDF worship team kick off the gathering and the sharing of Choi e is the climax of the gathering to show us the crucial elements for the succession (承傳 ) of CMDF Mission from generations to generations. Let us walk in united heart towards the will of our Heavenly Father. Wish to see you ...

Group photo

2017 AGM

Thanks our loving Father for a warm CMDF AGM on the 27th of November 2017, full of His abundant love and grace. AGM is an important annual event to gather ALL brothers and sisters together for fellowship. Thank you so much for coming! We had more than 85 doctors and medical students attending our gathering. With the theme “Succession”, we are very glad to witness the succession of CMDF from our founding seniors to the younger generation this year. Our Founder Dr. Tony Loy shared with us the history of CMDF, and how graceful we have been serving in medical field in the past 40 years. Our student representative Mr. Tsz-Long Tai touched us with his passionate and humble witness...