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It is a great pleasure to invite our brothers and sisters in medical field to join the ICMDA East Asia Conference which to be held in HONG KONG on 6~8 August, 2021. As a Christian medical profession in the context of today's pandemic, how can we move forward with His mission nowadays? In reply of medical missionary calling, is the pandemic an opportunity or an obstacle to us? For the evolution of the virus, from SARS in the past, COVID 19 today, and even the unpredicted virus tomorrow, what is the warning signal to the standing of front line medical workers? We have invited the familiar doctor speakers to share, not only to look back, reflect on the present, but also look to the...



Although 2020 is a year of miseries to the whole world, we go through the hard time with His faithful protection, peace and love. We also appreciate and thanks the effort of our bro and sis in Taiwan (TCMA) in tackling all difficulties and make the 49th Asia Christian Medical Workers and Students Exchange Program (the 7th ICMDA EA 2020 New Taipei City, Taiwan) as schedule in August 2020. The theme of this year is “ MEDICINE WITH LOVE”. We have invited distinguished speakers and Christian medical leaders of various regions in delivering keynote lecture, medical ethical controversies and parallel sessions hold by various regions and countries. Due to the pandemic and...

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Hallelujah, ICMDA EA Conference is successfully held on 31/7~4/8 in Seoul, Korea this year, medical workers and students come from China, HK, S. Korea, Taiwan, Japan, India and Burkina Faso and everyone is motivated and inspired by the speakers in the theme of this year "Be my witness; Yes, send me !" We attach the reflection reports from our students ~ Jacqueline Chan (medical) and Jenny Mak (dental) & then we can know how the fruitful and precious experience they have got in the Conference. The next Conference will be organized by Taiwan (TCMA) on 1st week of Aug next year, we will keep you undated information...... May GOD bless you all and we look forward to seeing you in...

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It is a great pleasure to invite you to the XVIth World Congress of ICMDA to be held in Hyderabad, India in August 2018. The theme of the Congress is “In the footsteps of the Great Servant Healer”, from Isiah 42:5-7. The theme was chosen with the understanding that in the changing global context, the ICMDA family should have renewed understanding of our Master and His mandate and follow His footsteps. For students and junior graduates ~ 21st to 23rd Aug. 2018 Pre-Conference ~ 22nd to 23rd Aug. 2018 Main Conference ~ 23rd to 26th Aug. 2018 The Congress aims to promote obedience because of the Covenant, obedience leading to leading the...

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We cordially invite you to join ICMDA EA 2018 Conference in Japan with the theme this year is ‘Recovery from Disasters and Crisis Situations’under the scripture we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; character, hope. Romans 5:3-4 Date and Venue 1) Pre Conference ~ 1-3 Aug in Ojika Peninsula, Ahi Island 2) Main Conference ~ 3-5 Aug in Matsushima Century Hotel Conference Fee 1) Student Price ~ Around US$ 250~300 (Discount for Students of Pre and Main Conference) 2) Doctors and or Dentists ~ Around US$ 400 of Main Conference only. the above fee is for reference only, and it is subject to the FINAL decision of organizer in Apr. ...