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10月舉辦退修營- 28/10 (7pm) - 29/10(5pm) / 沙田道風山 何傑牧師 / 主題: 大水不滅的愛-浸泡在神的雅歌愛情中

AGM 2023

CMDF AGM -30/11 (730-930pm) 中華基督教會基道堂, 九龍佐敦 23-29號新寳廣場 16字樓蘇穎智牧師(講員): 醫者心- 從無奈到期待 周鑑明醫生 (見證) Registration :

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2024 Clinical Attachment Program updated

If you are willing to dedicate your elective training to our Lord Jesus, Let Go of your will, Not to find a place you like to visit for touristism, Focus on seeking His will in prayers , Holy Spirit will lead and show you His will in your heart, and our God is faithfulness for those people seeking His will. Deadline for application: 5.8.2023 For those students who are interested to join CMDF Clinincal Attachment Program 2024, please send your CV to CMDF-HK whatsapp 67013555 or email to

Saline Training Course 2023(香港醫療界生理鹽水運動- 裝備課程 2023)

For the details, please go to the page of Saline Movement at

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Medical Student Gathering 7-10pm

24.10.2022 (Mon) at 7-10pm at the Chapel(G/F), the Divinity School of Chung Chi College, CUHK with the theme " EQUIP for HIGHER Calling in your GOLDEN Times. Keynote Speaker~Professor Vincent Mok & Guest Speaker- Rev Andrew Choi For details & registration :