講員: Dr Judy Ho

題目: 生命見證分享會


或許很多人的人生目標,就是事業有成,有權有勢,為了往上爬, 漸漸地顯露內心的野心,為掙權位,不惜犧牲關係,甚至內心貪婪和人性醜惡逐一浮現!!!有人在權位名利之間繼續追逐,有人卻靈命甦醒,甘願放下,今日重新開始。


很感謝 Dr Judy Ho (QMH Consultant and HKU Honorary Clinical Associate Professor) 來到CMDF每月聚會當中,分享她自己靈命之旅。因著敬虔母親影響下,Judy自小在教會成長,見到異夢,立志行醫,努力成為獨當—面的醫生,可是當人經歷試探時,犯錯?!迷失?!最後走進更大失落?!一個不離不棄的神如何將 Judy 這個浪子挽回來呢?今日 Judy 在基督耶穌裡又變成怎樣的新人呢?


This is a blessed and warm gathering because many bro and sis come and show our love, care and support to Dr Judy on that night, and the venue is full of love in His presence.


Agreed by Dr. Judy Ho, she is grateful to open and share her testimony with CMDF members and participants attend the gathering on that night, here attached file is her testimony for your reference. At the same time, Dr. Judy wish to enlarge the group of prayer partners supporting her long term missionary service, she invites any brothers or sisters to contact her directly if you are touched to join as one of her prayer partners, and then she can add you to her existing list and send you her periodic newsletters (including prayer request items) accordingly.

We also attach some photos to share our happiness with you on that wonderful night.