Exco & Staff

The Executive Committee 2021/2022

Self Photos / Files - Group photo 2022

From Left to Right (back row)

Ms Peggie Lam (Co Worker)

Dr. Mak Yuen Kwan, Christy (Co-opt member)

Dr. Wong Kit Yan, Sarah (Co-opt  member)

Miss Mak Long Ching, Gladys (CU22 student representative)

Miss Tse Atalie Ching Yee (M24 student representative)

Miss Ho Cindy Seen Yee (M24 student representative)

Dr. Tam Hiu Yan, Rosy (Co-opt member)

Mr. Leung Wai Jid, Joshua (CU24 student representative)

Dr. Hui Tsz Yung, Daisy (Co-opt member)

Dr. Ho Hiu Ting, Manda (Co-opt member)


From Left to Right (front row)

Dr. Chow Kam Ming, Raymond (Exco)

Dr. Chen Yi Tin, Stephen (Treasurer)

Dr. Ting Pong Jor, Joyce (Vice Chairman)

Dr. Yam Cheuk Sing, Jason (Chairman)

Dr. Fung Ka Hang, Timothy (Secretary)

Dr. Sitt Wing Hung, Edward (Advisor)

Dr. Tai Tsz Long, Louis (Exco)





Self Photos / Files - (1) Dr. Tony Loy Self Photos / Files - (2) Dr. Daniel Mak Self Photos / Files - (3) Dr. Edward Sitt

Founder Chairman

Dr. Loy Tung Tak, Tony

Founder Secretary

Dr. Mak Ki Yan, Daniel

Former Chairman

Dr. Sitt Wing Hung,Edward


The Executive Committee

Self Photos / Files - (4) Dr. Alfred Chan

Co-opt Exco

Dr. Chan Tat Nin, Alfred