Saline Process Training in June,2021 (Organized by HCFI Australia)

We are very grateful to get the support of ICMDA, HCFI, and IHS Global to provide Saline Process Witness Training (zoom) &  HK healthcare workers and students are invited to join their course in Jun. Indeed this training has equipped 39K+ healthcare workers in 120 countries all over the world. Not only It is a very practical tools to demonstrate the love and reality of Jesus in healthcare, all with permission, sensitivity and respect, but also it helps us to strengthen and enhance our spiritual life in reply of His calling to be His witness at the workplace. 


The course will equip you by addressing the following questions:

1) Why is faith important in healthcare?
2) What are the opportunities & barriers to fulfilling God's call?
3) What is my part?
4) What tools will help me cultivate and sow?
5) Where do I go from here?


Don't miss the chance and join us.

Venue: Zoom (free of charge)
Date:    19.6.2021 (Sat)
Time: 7:30am~3:30pm(HK Time) 
Language: English 
Organizer: HCFI Australia 

Co-Organizers: CMDF/CDN/HCFI_HK
Trainers: Sharon & Koshy George, Alvin Ling


Registration :



Glad to hear your sharing how God lead you and give you strength, wisdom and power to being His witness at workplace for the coming days. Take care of you.