Elective Program

Elective Program (Clinical Attachment) is one of the core projects CMDF serve for medical students, it is officially launched this year as one student is sent to India in 2018, one and two students will be sent to India and Bangladesh respectively in 2019.


A) The Aims of CMDF Clinical Attachment Program


1) To let the students to see how missionary doctors from all over the world are willing to come to those rural areas to offer their service, especially their stories and motivation behind. We believe that the Life of the Missionary Doctors as Message and this is a very good role model to inspire the medical students the Mission of being of a Christian Doctor.


2) To strengthen and equip the medical students thru the training, and this is a very good chance to let the students know how the Christian doctors trust in Lord to serve the underprivileged population in the poor and insufficient resources of environment.


3) To enhance the sense of clinical responsibility to medical students.


B) The accommodation of medical student

For the sake of the security, Guest House and or Hospital Dormitory is provided.


C) The Components of CMDF Clinical Attachment Program


1) Mentor is assigned to each medical student in ratio of 1:2 maximum.


2) Outreach service or community service or field visit is available.


3) Lecture or simulation labs or case-based workshop and or visit to clinical area is available.


4) To observe, assist and perform under supervision in operations, deliveries, procedures, and to follow ward rounds and clinics, and enable the students close and in-depth interactions with the doctors, and also interact with nurses, other staff members, patients and other local people. 


5) City tour (if possible) to let the students know more about the city and its culture.


D) We have connected the network in the following countries of the medical mission hospitals.

1) India

2) Bangladesh

3) Thailand

4) Nepal (2020)

5) Africa (2020)

6) Cambodia (2020)


E) Enquiry:
Please contact Peggie at 6701 3555 or 2369 8511 or


F) Reflection Reports from Medical Students

1) Dr. Ng Yuey Zhun, Michael (M18)